Christmas giving, forgiving & unity with Him


Matt 2:10. “When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.”

BC-HOP PRAYER FOR SPIRITUAL LIFE. In this Christmas season God wants us to celebrate the birthday of His Son. We can do so by giving glad tidings of great joy to our family, friends, community, nation and world. We have much to celebrate. The Body of Christ is coming together in new ways. The Belize Association of Evangelical Churches is making progress in reorganizing according to its new constitution. BAEC has new leaders and members in each district of Belize. The capital city of Belmopan also has a chapter. We showed the power of unity in October when BAEC leaders met with PM Barrow in October. He committed to significant changes in the gender policy. BAEC is now seeking more members to more fully represent the Body of Christ. We plan to intensify our efforts as we approach Christmas and elections in early 2015. Such unity would be a great gift to the Lord.

But the enemy also has plans for Christmas. To rob us of our joy. To wear us down with stress and many un-Christian Christmas distractions. To give us excuses for not joining our families and fellowships at this precious time. To emphasize critical issues that have kept Christians and churches apart instead of seeking to bridge the gaps. It is time to turn our criticism into intercession. It is time to turn our focus from getting our own way. We must be forgiving and giving God’s way, just as He gave us His only Son.

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Christmas a time of greater unity.

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