Lack of fathers turns kids toward theft & sex

lack of fathers

We must pray that the Father turns the hearts of fathers back to their children at Christmas time.

BC-HOP Prayer for Families & Education: Kids know that this is a time for families to come together to celebrate Christ’s birth and share gifts. But the lack of fathers in many homes causes kids to look for love and gifts in the wrong places. They feel entitled to something at Christmas. Some steal from teachers’ desks and other students’ bags. Some steal bikes. This forces the bikes’ owners to walk through dangerous places to and from school. Stealing is becoming epidemic. Some steal from stores and get caught on surveillance cameras.

Girls as young as 12 show up at school with $20 or $50 bills. When they are questioned, it becomes clear that some have sold their bodies willingly to predators.  Sex at a young age is becoming so accepted that kids openly imitate dances they see on TV commercials which simulate the act of sex. Lack of fathers to oversee them opens homes to many evils. We must pray for God to turn the hearts of fathers to the children. We need more father figures and less predators in the media, in the homes, and in the streets. Most of all, we need to experience Christ at Christmas and His gifts of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

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Lack of fathers is top reason for crime

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