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no go zones

US President Barack Obama stayed in Washington rather than join other world leader in the march of millions in Paris

PRAYER ALERT: Last week the world witnessed back-to-back massacres in Paris. On Jan. 8 radical Islamist brothers who grew up in “no go zones” killed twelve in a satirical magazine office. On Jan. 10 a fellow radical Islamist took a whole Jewish kosher deli hostage and killed four. Mass media leaped to the defense of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, as a champion of freedom of speech. On Sunday millions poured into the streets in various French cities, proclaiming “We are Charlie.” In Paris alone 1.2 to 1.6 million marched in the biggest demonstration in France’s history. It even exceeded the number that celebrated the Allied victory over the Nazis.

At least 40 world leaders joined the Paris march, locking arms in solidarity. They included not only French President Francois Hollande, but British PM David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and, surprisingly, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Conspicuously missing was US President Barack Obama. Finally the leaders of Europe, with massive popular support, are targeting the out-of-control jihadist threat in their midst. French PM Manuel Valls declared war on radical Islam. The media exposed the frightening reality of “no go zones.”

France has 751 Muslim communities which live under shariah law. They are insulated from French law. Police, firemen and tourists dare not enter these no go zones. They are mini-Islamist states. Their madrasas, or schools, and mosques are breeding grounds for terrorists. In no go zones clerics and imams are free to teach and preach jihad. They can advocate the killing of infidels, the destruction of the West and of Israel, and the overthrow of their host countries.

This has been called religious freedom to the extreme. It is a freedom for Islamists to deny all others life and freedom. But in fact, it is neither religious, nor freedom. Religion is based on faith. Radical Islamic submission is based on fear. Freedom allows people to express their differences. Shariah punishes anyone who differs with the Quran and Muhammad. And so, especially in no go zones, clerics incite people like last week’s terrorists to kill non-Muslims. They work to eventually overthrow non-Muslim goverments.

No go zones can be found in much of Europe. They are even taking shape in the US in places like Dearborn, Michigan. Some US communities are already allowed to live by shariah law. What can we do about no go zones in Europe and the US? Open them back up. Re-establish the nation’s law there. Let police go there and do their jobs. Allow no treasonous speech or activity. Shut down mosques and madrasas that refuse to comply with the law of the land. There is a limit to freedom of speech—when it threatens others’ lives and lawful freedoms.

Mass marches for Charlie Hebdo are likely to provoke mass marches for the honor of Muhammad. Police intervention in no go zones are likely to provoke violent resistance. All-out civil wars could result. That is why we must be wise about how we use our lawful freedoms. It is better to reason with Muslims than to defend the ridicule of their highest prophet. It is better to vigorously enforce laws against homegrown jihadists before we proclaim war on no go zones.

There is a limit to government intervention in matters of religion. We may call on government to set limits on madrasas and mosques. How much will we let it set limits on Christian schools and churches? We may call on government to check the content of Muslim preaching. How much will we let it check the content of our preaching?

If we want freedom of speech and religion, we must allow the legitimate freedoms of other religions. Much of the world is rallying to the cause of the Charlie Hebdo victims. Who is rallying to the cause of last week’s Jewish victims? Many are saying, “We are Charlie.” How many are saying, “We are Jews?” For in Europe and the US, Jews are far more persecuted than Muslims and Christians

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No go zones are mini-Islamic states

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