Drug use to decrease, discipleship to increase

drug use

Would marijuana use grow with decriminalization?

Family & Education Prayer: Easter vacation is just around the corner. Children & their families can fill their holidays with either godly or ungodly activities. We want to pray for a great revelation of what Jesus did for them on the cross. We need His resurrection power to change lives and make disciples. Discipleship means learning. We want to see children continue learning at least through high school. We must pray for an outpouring of knowledge on the students in their current PSE exams. We want students to show progress and eventually qualify for high school. On thing that impairs learning and memory is marijuana & drug use. There is concern that the proposed decriminalization of marijuana may result in the increase of drug use and crimes, and a decrease in learning. A petition drive about decriminalization is being initiated in the churches. We must pray that through the churches God will begin a good work against the destructive influence of drug use, and for the empowering influence of the Holy Spirit in its places.

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Effects of Cannabis: Wikipedia

Neurological effects of cannabis.The areas of the brain where cannabis receptors are most prevalently located are consistent with the behavioraleffects produced by cannabinoids. Brain regions in which cannabinoid receptors are very abundant are the basal ganglia, associated with movement control; thecerebellum, associated with body movement coordination; thehippocampus, associated with learning, memory, and stress control; thecerebral cortex, associated with higher cognitive functions; and the nucleus accumbens, regarded as the reward center of the brain. Other regions where cannabinoid receptors are moderately concentrated are the hypothalamus, which regulates homeostatic functions; the amygdala, associated with emotional responses and fears; the spinal cord, associated with peripheral sensations like pain; the brain stem, associated withsleep, arousal, and motor control; and the nucleus of the solitary tract, associated with visceral sensations like nausea and vomiting.[35]

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Drug use may rise with decriminalization of marijuana


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