Gay activist sues Belize for immigration ban

gay activist

Jamaican gay activist Maurice Tomlinson

BC-HOP Government & Economy Prayer. On Tuesday & Wednesday Mar. 17-18 the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) begins hearing the latest scheme by Jamaican gay activist Maurice Tomlinson. Tomlinson is challenging Belize and Trinidad & Tobago’s immigration laws. Tomlinson claims these two nations restrict his freedom of movement. Their laws do not allow open homosexuals to immigrate. Yet Belize has never denied entry to Tomlinson when he has visited Belize many times before.

We must take into account that Tomlinson married a male Canadian pastor overseas in January 2013. Do he and his “husband” really want to want to emigrate to Belize? Or to Trinidad & Tobago? Or is this another one of his publicity stunts for the gay agenda? Tomlinson failed to force Jamaican TV stations to air his LGBT propaganda when he sued them in November 2013. The court ruled that the TV stations had the right to choose not to promote this unnatural, disease-spreading lifestyle. Let us pray that the CCJ rules against this latest gay activist ploy.

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Jamaican court ruled against gay activist suit against TV stations.

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