Pakistani Christians protest church bombings

Pakistani Christians

Lahore, where the church bombings took place, is about 270 kilometers southeast of Islamabad.

PRAYER ALERT: On Sunday morning the Pakistani Taliban exploded suicide bombs at two churches holding services in a Christian-majority suburb of Lahore. At least 17 were killed and 78 wounded. The death toll would have been far greater were it not for security guards who stopped the bombers before they entered the churches, which were only 650 yards apart. This attack was the latest in a long series of jihadist attacks against Pakistani Christians.

But it was the first to provoke a massive violent reaction. We are used to seeing persecuted Christians in Asia bearing their suffering with great fortitude. But this time the frustration of Pakistani Christians in the Lahore suburb boiled over. Angry at the lack of police protection from Islamic militant attacks, they smashed police cars and pelted police with stones. They blocked the highway and shut down public transport. Two men were killed by a car that tried to drive through a roadblock. Two more men were burned to death on suspicion of collusion with the church bombings. On Tuesday as the last of the victims’ funerals were underway, paramilitary troops fanned out through the streets to prevent more rioting.

The Pakistani Taliban has been fighting for more than a decade to overthrow the government and impose shariah law. Last June the government launched a largely successful counteroffensive to rout the Taliban from its strongholds in the northwest. But now 90% of terrorist attacks originate in Pakistani refugee camps for Afghans near the border. Now Pakistani authorities are harassing the refugees, driving tens of thousands of them daily back into Afghanistan…

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