Syrian Christian villages face ISIS genocide

Syrian Christian villages

ISIS has turned from its defeat in Kobani to attack Christian villages in northeastern Syria

PRAYER ALERT: US-led airstrikes helped Kurdish forces drive ISIS out of Kobani, Syria, near the Turkish border in January. But the airstrikes have not stopped ISIS’ advances into smaller Syrian Christian villages. In the past week about 15 Christians were martyred as many of them tried to defend their villages in northeastern Syria. About 350 Christians were abducted. They face an uncertain fate at the hands of their notoriously vicious captors.

On Feb. 27 a mosque in the Sunni village of Bab Alfaraj proclaimed a “mass killing of infidels in the mountain of Abdul Aziz.” Five Syrian Christian villages were attacked. In one of them, Tel Shamiram, not a single resident escaped. About 200 families from the other villages tried to escape into Turkey, but were denied. More than a thousand families found temporary refuge in nearby Hasakah and Qamishli. Many vow to return to these Syrian Christian villages despite ISIS’ campaign of genocide. Rather than humanitarian aid in shelters, they prefer aid in getting their villages back.

In Iraq, Christians and other religious minorities may face extinction in a matter of months. The 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative released a report called “Edge of Extinction” after it visited Iraq in January. The report recommended drastic measures to protect the dwindling religious minorities there. One was the creation of a “Nineveh Plains Province” where people of persecuted faiths could be protected by a National Guard-type security force. Another was the vigorous support of the Kurdish Peshmerga military.

Though the Kurds pushed ISIS out of Kobani, they are ill-equipped for future battles. Their antiquated weapons are no match for the sophisticated American-made weapons that ISIS has managed to seize. The report calls on the US to not only supply the Kurds with better weapons but to take the lead in degrading and destroying ISIS. But we can call on a much greater power from heaven to dismantle ISIS’ terror campaign.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, You are the Lord of the heavenly hosts. They obey Your every word. They perform Your will on earth. Your will is that Your kingdom come to men. For men You have determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. ISIS is attempting to take that authority from You. Their forces seek to kill Your people before their time. ISIS seeks to determine where Your people live. If they refuse to obey ISIS, it seeks to determine where and when they will die. You have seen many vicious deaths at the hands of ISIS.

So we appeal to You, take Your people into Your hands. Deliver them from this evil. If some must die, give them a powerful testimony that will embolden others. Show that You are Lord in every situation in every way. Frustrate the genocidal plans of ISIS. Disable their weapons. Break open their strongholds. Arise, and let Your enemies scatter. Thank You for using the Kurds to do so in Kobani. May the US and other allies prosper whenever they serve Your purposes against this enemy.

But we also ask for supernatural interventions, in the name of Jesus. Let Your people proclaim Your good will with power. Let others see Your great works on behalf of Your people, and turn to You. We declare that the kingdom of ISIS will crumble, and the kingdom of God is near. Help Your people to prepare the way for Your kingdom to come to Iraq and Syria. Help them retake ground that was lost. Help them sow seeds for a future harvest. What the enemy intends for evil, make it work to the good of those who love you, as a powerful witness to the rest. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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