Yemen chaos exploited by Al Qaeda

Yemen chaos

Yemen is the southernmost nation on the Arabian Peninsula (map by Norman Einstein).

PRAYER ALERT: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is rallying Sunni tribes against the Houthi Shiite revolution in Yemen. Sunni AQAP is gaining ground in Yemen’s hinterlands. It is drawing support away from deposed Sunni President Hadi. Amid the Yemen chaos, President Hadi fled from the capital city Sana’a to establish a power base in the southern port of Aden. Hadi was a major ally in the US campaign against AQAP. But the escalating Yemen chaos forced the US to pull all its personnel from the country on March 19 and close its huge base there. This is the country that US President Barack Obama hailed in September as a counterterrorism success story. Now, with only US drones left to stop them, AQAP is freer to gain even more ground.

AQAP is known as al Qaeda’s most dangerous branch. It claimed responsibility for the January attack against the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly in Paris. It has been linked to a series of unsuccessful bombing plots in the US since 9/11. It has turned the growing Yemen chaos into breeding place for terrorists. That is probably why an ISIS inspired group has jumped into the fray. Its claim of responsibility for the March 20 mass killings in Yemen is seen as a ploy for a stake in the Yemen chaos. Wherever there is a power vaccuum in the Middle East, ISIS, Al Qaeda and Iran will do what they can to try to fill it.

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PRAY WITH US: Father God, You created the world to be good in Your sight. When it fell from grace, You sent Your own Son to redeem it. But to us, the Yemen chaos seems irredeemable. There evils battle evils and worse evils result. It is a nation that is 99.9 percent Muslim. It breeds and exports terrorism around the world. It has gotten too dangerous for even the US, the most powerful nation, to keep a foothold there. Into the void has rushed even more dangerous forces, Shiite Iran and Sunni ISIS. But you will not let these evils prevail.

Sin has abounded, but grace can much more abound. We pray for the tiny Christian church that has persevered in Yemen. Make it a mustard seed that will outgrow the evils planted there. Use the revolution to shake and uproot those evils. Expose the bitter roots of Islam so that people will renounce it. Deliver them from fear of the cruel god Allah. Give them a healthy fear of the Lord, which is to hate all evil. Stop the export of terrorism. Begin an invasion of heaven. Clear the land for the planting of the gospel. Set a course for a new government which will allow religious freedom, and oppose religious tyranny. Stop Iran and ISIS and AQAP from sowing more destruction. Begin a good work in Yemen, and be faithful to complete it. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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