Belize corruption needs correction before gain

Belize corruption

Belize’s Central Bank in Belize City.

BC-HOP Prayer for Government & Economy: On April 10-12 in New York, Caribbean reparations leaders agreed to join forces in seeking reparations from former slave-trading nations, such as Great Britain & Spain. They are working to implement the Jan. 2014 decision of CARICOM to embark on a 10-point programme for “Reparatory Justice.” On the same weekend the Summit of Americas was held in Panama. Belize & other Caribbean countries appealed to US President Obama to lift “crippling” restrictions against their banks. Obama had just spoken with Cuban President Raul Castro in the first talks between those nations’ leaders in 59 years. He said that the US would review those restrictions. Belize in particular protested that no specific violations had been cited concerning Caribbean or Belize corruption.

Belize corruption

The Belize dollar

But only 5 days later, Belize PM Barrow confirmed to media that between $500,000 to $700,000 had been stolen from accounts in Belize’s Treasury Department. Apparently it had been pilfered in small amounts over a period of time until one bank caught a discrepancy. At about the same time, Belize Auditor General Dorothy Bradley made an updated report on the fiscal period 2011-2012. The audit exposed many instances of Belize corruption, including fraud, forgery, unreconciled bank accounts, mismanagement of assets, and misuse of government vehicles. We must pray that God will watch over Belize’s finances and move on us to clean up our own financial house. Then other nations may be more willing to do business and possibly even make reparations to us. For God says when we are “faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things” (Mt. 25:21).

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Belize corruption

Belize’s Central Bank in Belize City.


Belize corruption exposed in new audit report.


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