Erdogan rises to godlike status in Turkey


Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s campaign poster (photo by Myrat)

PRAYER ALERT: Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s party, the AK (Justice and Development) Party, was formed in 2001. Since then it has won every general election in Turkey. The AK Party has fostered a worship cult around President Erdogan. One party deputy says touching Erdogan is a form of prayer. Another party deputy declares that Erdogan “carries all the attributes of Allah” in himself. Columnist Mustafa Akyol charges that “more than half the Turkish media” are acting more like swooning sycophants than journalists when covering Erdogan. Akyol says that they are “fully devoted” to the “Erdogan cult of personality.” Journalists who offend him land in jail.

Joel Richardson, author of The Islamic Antichrist, stops short of calling Erdogan the Antichrist. But he does call him “a megalomaniacal dictator of the worst stripe.” In an interview with Glenn Beck, Richardson said, “We have the modern-day Adolf Hitler of the Middle East emerging right before our eyes.” Richardson warns that Turkey has been fertile ground for an antichrist figure. With the region’s largest army, Turkey could become more dangerous than ISIS or Iran. ISIS’ atrocities have outraged the world. But their murder toll is still tiny compared to the Turkish Ottoman Empire’s genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians 100 years ago. Or to its slaughter of another million Orthodox and Protestant Christians at about the same time.

Erdogan refuses to acknowledge these genocides. He aspires to revive the Ottoman Empire and be its caliph. He is rising at a time when Muslims expect their Mahdi, or Messiah, to come. Erdogan’s followers look to him as the chosen one to lead the Islamic community worldwide. He may not be the Antichrist, who gains influence through deception and false peace pacts. But Erdogan is a false messiah. We must pray that his falsity be exposed.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything in them. Through Jesus Christ You created it all to be good. How far the earth has fallen! We grieve that so much of the earth has been subjected to Islamic reigns of terror. They are growing more greedy and murderous. They killed millions 100 years ago. They intend to kill millions more. Thousands of Your people have already been slaughtered, or subjugated under shariah law. Both ISIS and Turkey seek to install a caliph to rule the world by this cruel law.

Radical Muslims are conspiring against You and Your Anointed One. They seek to tear off Your fetters. Bind them more firmly to Your purposes. They seek to terrify the world into submission. Terrify them instead. Expose the Allah they worship as a demon. Expose the messiahs they exalt as shams. Use Your weak people to shame the strong. Use the foolish to shame the worldly wise. Use the things that are not to nullify the things that are, so that no man or movement or messiah may boast before You.

We declare Christ alone to be Lord and Savior. We declare Him to be the wisdom and righteousness of God. Let His wisdom prevail over Turkey. In the hard places where Paul once preached the gospel, let it be proclaimed in the land again. Cause the refugee Christians spread it wherever they go. Help them to overcome persecution as Paul did. Do signs and wonders to show Muslims that You are really Lord. Give them dream encounters with Your Son. Destroy the works of the devil. Do new works through Your people in the Middle East, and be faithful to complete them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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