Global Day of Prayer becomes more global

Global Day of Prayer

Global Day of Prayer in Belize City, 8 June 2014

BELIZE JOURNAL, PT. 2. This year the Global Day of Prayer will take place on Pentecost Sunday, May 24. Christians from 220 nations around the world will gather in settings large and small. In Belize this is a great opportunity for us to pray for our church leaders to agree on a BAEC constitution that give all evangelicals a stronger voice in the nation. The purpose for the Global Day of Prayer is repentance and united prayer for global change. For the past three years at Belize City we have focused the event on repentance and united prayer for the seven mountains of influence in Belize. They include Family, Spiritual Life, Education, Economy, Government, Arts, and Media. We know what we need to repent of and pray for in Belize better than we do for the nations.

But the world is getting smaller. World issues are getting closer to every nation. So this year at the Global Day of Prayer we will pray for both Belize & the world concerning…the breakdown of family & morality. The resulting rise of the LGBT agenda, human trafficking, drug gangs and crime. The spread of radical Islam through deceptive propaganda, terror and war. The crisis of refugees from Islamic jihad and drug wars. Historically Belize is a land of refugees from many parts of the world. Now we face all the above world issues, except radical Islam. Still, Belize’s most popular newspaper is more sympathetic to Islam than to Christianity. Pray that as we turn to God, He will turn Belize, and the world, to His ways.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You created the world for Your good purposes. You made us in Your image to fill the world with Your glory. Forgive us for filling the world instead with sin. Forgive us for letting Satan be lord of the world instead of You. Thank for so loving the world in spite of our sin, that You sent Your Son. Thank You that Jesus fulfilled Your law, so we could be saved by faith. Thank You that He died to take our sin, so we could have His righteousness. Thank You that He came to destroy the works of the enemy, so we could have His life abundantly.

As we approach the Global Day of Prayer, prepare Your people to repent of the enemy’s works. Forgive us for cooperating with him. Show us how to cooperate with You, with other members of Your body, and with our leaders. Show our leaders what is essential to You in the constitution of Your body in Belize. Help us all overcome our differences. Help us gather all Your people who are called by Your name.

Lead us to humble ourselves and pray. As we seek Your face, shine upon us and be gracious. Show us our wicked ways that we may be forgiven, and find Your higher ways. Help us walk those ways together. Heal Your body and heal our land. Lead us to identify with other nations and pray with authority to heal their lands. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Global Day of Prayer is May 24.

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