Protest music aims at Belize gang wars

protest music

Mervin Budram worships on guitar as Pastor Eduardo Lemus prays at Strong Men’s Conference last year.

Government & Media Prayer: On March 27 the Belize Police Department launched a “Be Loving And Cease Killing” (BLACK) campaign. It started with a six-mile 2000-strong march through high-crime Belize City neighborhoods. They included Pink’s Alley, Jump Street or Wagner Lane, George Street, and Mayflower Street. The march stopped at hot spots where gangs hang out. Moments of silence were followed by a pastor’s words of healing. In place of gang wars BLACK is promoting “Music Wars.” These will be monthly competitions with prizes for new songs with anti-crime and anti-violence messages. We were calling & praying for more of this kind of protest music in January. That was when Belizean Christian musician Mervin Budram released his new song “Put Away.” It’s a heartfelt plea to young men to put away their guns before they take more precious lives. Let’s pray that Mervin has started a trend which will turn back the waves of violence.

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Mervin Budram is a Belizean worship musician who has just released a new Christian song.Put Away” is a heartfelt plea to men and specifically gang members. It calls on them to put away their guns before they take more precious lives. On January 5 Marvin Underwood, 32, a law-abiding citizen, was brazenly murdered in broad daylight near Pound Yard Bridge. The gunman had his face covered and escaped. Underwood’s brother is a well-known member of a rival of George Street Gang. So the murder is suspected to be in retaliation. George Street Gang member Kareem “Robbery” Lopez was gunned down two days earlier. Mervin’s new Christian song is all the more relevant as we pray that this violence not escalate but be “put away.”  We need less songs glorifying violence. We need more like Mervin Budram’s call for respect of life.

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Competition will be held for protest music.


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