Global Day of Prayer 2015 Belize City extracts

Global Day of Prayer 2015

The GDOP Prayer for the World which preceded our intro to group prayer.

Intro to Group Prayer: This Global Day of Prayer 2015 is one of the few times that the body of Christ in the Belize District gets together and there is so much to do.

There are hurts and pains all around the body of Christ. As I’ve been calling pastors and intercessors I have never heard such hurt expressed before. And because people are hurt, some of them are hurting others, and I don’t have the answer for it…

You have leaders here who have to respond on the spot to serious hurts. 

And in doing so, they may cause more hurt without even knowing it.

For years I have been amazed when working with some pastors,

who have now fallen into sexual sin.

I have been amazed at the way they could deal with urgent, painful situations immediately

with people who didn’t appreciate them and hurt them instead.

I am not trying to excuse them—or other fallen pastors at all—

because God always provides a way out.

And that way out is prayer, to Him.

That is what we’re here for, before we as a Body fall into more sin,

and before that sin hurts other people, just as fallen pastors’ sin hurts us.

The way out, is repentance for our sins, repentance for the way we have hurt others.

The way out, is forgiveness for others’ sins, and forgiveness for the way they have hurt us.

The way out is through the cross, where Jesus took every sin and pain away on Himself.

The way out is through Him, and there’s no other way to the Father.

And that is who we’re crying for. We need answers.

We go to our pastors and leaders for answers,

and they don’t always have them right on the spot.

We need the Father.

But too often we go to the pastor. And if a pastor falls, we throw up our hands and say,

Woe is us! We are now orphans!

But the Father is still there.

We were trying to make our leader into a god,

and he couldn’t stand the pressure of being God, and he fell.

And the Father was there all the time

Right now many of you are hurt.

And when even one member of the Body hurts, other members suffer with it.

We don’t have to name names. It’s all the same hurt, in the same body.

But it’s time to take this hurt to the cross,

because by His wounds we are healed.

If we went directly through the cross, to the Father, for every answer

then we wouldn’t need to go to our leaders for help so much.

Instead we could be a help to our leaders, with the help God has given us.

Let’s stop hurting each other, and start helping each other,

with the help God has given us in prayer.

We’re going to start 20 minutes of prayer right now, in groups.

And we’re going to begin it with a time of prayer for repentance and forgiveness.

Global Day of Prayer 2015

Evangelist Albert Cattouse and BAEC President Howell Longsworth in the last prayer before the closing united prayer.

First, I’d like to ask prayer leaders and pastors to raise their hands where they are,

and for the rest of you to gather around the nearest pastor or prayer leader

to form prayer groups.

Before the groups start praying, we’re all going to pray together as one Body.

So please repeat this prayer after me…

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Churches come together for Global Day of Prayer 2015.


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