“Homosexuality an abomination of desolation”

homosexuality an abomination

Rick Joyner, MorningStar Ministries

PRAYER ALERT: In Leviticus 18:23 God calls homosexuality an abomination. With good reason, world-known prophetic minister Rick Joyner now calls homosexuality an abomination that causes desolation. “Because homosexuality is referred to as an abomination in Scripture, and its impact on Western culture is so quickly and profoundly desolating the moral fabric of Western civilization, it is to be expected that many will start to consider this ‘the abomination that desolates.’” Do you care about the billions of people in the Western world, as God surely does? If so, you will stand against this desolation, and not be carried to perdition with it.

The US Supreme Court is expected soon to impose same-sex marriage on all 50 states. Other federal courts are outlawing all kinds of expression that uphold marriage for one-man and one-woman only. Rick Joyner says that is tantamount to “the ultimate depravity spoken of in Isaiah 5.” It says, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil” (Isa 5:20). Those who are unwilling to call homosexuality an abomination are accepting this depravity. When threatened with losing their businesses over this issue, they are willing to compromise. They are rejecting what the Bible says. Rick says such people will eventually take the mark of the beast, so they can “buy, sell or trade.” They are following the broad path to destruction.

Who can turn the nation back from this desolation? Rick says, “Our salvation will not come from the White House, or any other state house. It can only come from the church house. If the church in America does not rise up to become the salt and light she is called to be, there is no remedy, and an ever-deepening darkness will continue to spread over our land with increasing speed and devastation. The encouragement is that the biggest sleeping giant of all is starting to wake up.”

This is what the church must do:

1 We must be willing to engage in civil disobedience. “We must decide now that we are going to obey God and that we will refuse to obey any mandate from any power that is in conflict with God’s Word. We must be prepared to pay the price for obeying God, which is likely to be significant and can affect the rest of our lives. Of course, the price of not obeying Him will be much higher and eternal, so we need to determine now who we will serve…”

2 “We must strengthen our own foundations, especially those under specific attack. The most important of these is the family. This is the most basic and important of all units within a culture or nation…”

3 Since God calls homosexuality an abomination, we must too. “We must call what God calls ‘sin and wickedness,’ sin and wickedness, and we must repent of [any sin or wickedness] ourselves…”

4. “We must love God above all to love all as we should… We are also commanded to love our enemies. The gay agenda has turned into the biggest enemy of Christianity in America at this time. Extreme elements within the agenda are resolved to drive Christians into ‘the closet’ just as they were forced to live for so long. Other enemies of Christianity are joining with them in seeking to drive Christ out of our culture. This is the definition of ‘antichrist’Let us keep in mind that even those who, at this time, may be in the greatest opposition to God and His truth, if saved, can become some of the greatest champions of the faith. The transformation of the enemies of God into friends of God is the greatest victory of all.”

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PRAY WITH US: Father God, we worship You as Creator. You created us as men and women to be fruitful and multiply in families. You told us to fill the earth. Even though we sinned and fell from grace, You enabled us to fill the earth with families as the building blocks of our societies. Keep us from a deeper fall from sin to abomination. You call homosexuality an abomination. It is ruin and misery for those who fall into it. We thank You that Jesus came to save us from sin and abomination. Give us light to see the desolation it causes. Expose the evils that more and more people have been calling good. Cause their words to fall to the ground and Your Word to stand.

Let Your Word echo powerfully in the Supreme Court justices’ chambers and in their hearts. Warn them of the awful consequences of deciding against Your Word. Help us to stand on Your Word no matter what. Help us build happy families on Your Word that thrive no matter what. Help us grow churches that give faithful testimony to Your Word no matter what. Empower Your Word to reach and transform those seeking a way out of homosexuality. Pour out Your Holy Spirit over the nation. You are our only hope! You have sent three great awakenings on the US. Awaken us again! Set us on course for the great destiny that generations of Americans have prayed for! In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Though it’s not politically correct to call homosexuality an abomination.

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