Shiite militias challenge ISIS for Ramadi

Shiite militias

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi (Flickr, Wikimedia Creative Commons)

PRAYER ALERT: On May 17 Shiite Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq ordered Shiite militias to go into Sunni-dominated Anbar Province. Many Sunnis fear that these militias have come to fulfill Iran’s ambition of completely dominating Iraq. They consider Shiite militias as much their enemies as ISIS—which at least is a Sunni movement.

Ramadi grocery-store owner Abu Ammar sees no difference between the two. “If the Shiite militias enter Ramadi, they will do the same things being done by [ISIS],” he said. “In both cases, we will be either killed or displaced. For us, the militias and IS militants are two faces of the same coin.” In fact, Shiite militias are already widely accused of targeting Sunni homes for killing, looting and arson.

To whom will the Anbar Sunnis turn? To their own ill-equipped Sunni armed forces? To Sunni ISIS? To the Iran-empowered Shiite militias?To their own stingy Shiite-led Iraqi government? To the heavily-armed but hesitant US military? Or to the Lord?

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are our Protector, Provider and Promiser. You make good on Your promises when others fail. See how Sunnis in Ramadi and Anbar Province have been failed. They have been failed by Americans who deposed Saddam Hussein and left them to worse enemies. They have been failed by a Shiite-led government which has neglected them. They have been failed by their own troops which deserted them. They have been failed by ISIS which came to kill, steal and destroy. Now they fear Shiite militias will come to do the same. Most of all, they have been failed by their cruel master Allah. But You will not fail them if they turn to You. With You, they will still have tribulation. But they can take heart, for You have overcome the world.

Overcome the power of ISIS and the Shiite militias that now intimidates them. Show them how Jesus overcame every sinful attack and extreme suffering to offer salvation. Show them salvation can be found in no other name. Show them that no one in heaven or on earth can compare with Him. Give them dreams revealing Jesus. Give them songs of deliverance. Give them words of guidance. Let the few Christians in their midst be lights for them. Your church began with a few scared Christians who became fully empowered by You. Make them fruitful, multiply them, and free them to release Your power to others. Let more and more Iraqis taste and see that You are really good. Work all things to the good of those who come to love You. And do miracles that will destroy the work of the enemy. For that is what You came on earth to do. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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