Dallas police shooting ends with gunman dead

Dallas police shooting

Dallas Police Headquarters (photo by Drumguy8800)

PRAYER ALERT: Amid heavy criticism of law enforcement tactics, police stations around the US are on alert for citizen attacks against police. In the latest incident on June 13 a white man, James Boulware, 35, strode up to the Dallas police headquarters with an assault weapon. He sprayed more than 30 bullets into the lobby. Some of them went all the way through and into the records room at the back of the building. He left two pipe bombs on the grounds and sprayed squad cars with more bullets. After the Dallas police shooting, he made his escape in an armored van with gun ports. Boulware had bought the armored van on Ebay. He called the police to warn them that he had packed his van with explosives.

Twelve miles south of the Dallas police shooting, Boulware stopped at a Jack-in-the-Box parking lot. A SWAT team surrounded him. He exchanged gunfire with the police. He told negotiators that he blamed police for letting his mother taking custody of his son in April. Two years ago he had ranted against religion and choked his mother until a visiting man fought him off and forced him out of her house. Boulware rode off to Paris, Texas about 100 miles away. There he grabbed body armor and weapons and spoke about “shooting up schools and churches.” The police managed to confiscate his weapons and ammunition.

On June 13, Boulware refused to come outside his van or allow police to disarm him. He grew increasingly hostile as hours passed. Finally a sniper shot him dead through his window. Police then used an “explosive water charge” to dampen any gunpowder in the van. They detonated the van to bring the crisis to an end.

Similar to the Dallas police shooting was the Nov. 29 attack on Austin police headquarters and other government buildings. A gunman, Larry McQuilliams, 49, fired at least 100 rounds until an officer shot and killed him. Such attacks on police are being highlighted at the same time that police are under scrutiny for recent killings of unarmed citizens…

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