Decriminalizing weed leads to slippery slope

decriminalizing weed

Louis Wade prays at Belmopan Strong Men’s Rally 2014

BPN REVELATIONS. Louis Wade, Director of PLUS-TV, on decriminalizing weed: If we look beyond the issue of decriminalizing weed in the local scenario, we can see that the issue is much greater than the possession of ten grams of weed. The devil is trying to liberalize a whole host of things around the world, whether drug use or sexual habits or our concept of marriage and family. Satan is pushing agendas which are contrary to God’s agenda. The more we give in to Satan’s agendas, the harder he will push. God taught us to pray that His kingdom come, and His will be done. What is the kingdom principle here? What is God’s will?

God’s will is that we see things with a sober mind, not through an altered experience. They call this agenda decriminalization. But that is a play on words. We should call it liberalization—a freeing up and casting off of restraint, an increase in lawlessness.

decriminalizing weedThe liberalizers’ arguments follow the same pattern. They are trying to take the church’s place and say, “We’re doing this out of compassion.” They will find a small statistical number of people with aberrant behavior. They will say for the sake of a tiny minority we should liberalize an issue that makes the greater population vulnerable, whether to abortion propaganda or to gay propaganda or to drugs. They will say that chemicals in marijuana have medical benefits. But they will hide the fact that when marijuana is smoked, the chemicals are burned and are no longer beneficial.

The real issue for the church is that addiction is harmful. How do we reduce addiction? When we do, we will reduce the crime that the addiction is connected to. We can be confident that the more we follow God’s principles in this, the more the statistics will change and fall in line with God’s Word. The statistics will affirm God’s principles because He is Lord.

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Decriminalizing weed is an example of liberalization.


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