El Chapo breakout called escape of the century

El Chapo

Mugshot of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

PRAYER ALERT: The escape of El Chapo Guzman from Mexico’s highest security prison on July 11 is now being called the most extraordinary escape of the century. El Chapo has proven again to be a master tunnel builder. His Sinaloa cartel—the biggest crime organization in the world—has dug hundreds of drug tunnels under the Mexico-US border. The mile-long tunnel to his prison cell began in a house under construction for the purpose of shielding the escape project. The project began soon after El Chapo entered prison in February 2014. Traffic to and from the house masked the huge enterprise of providing materials and manpower for digging the state-of-the-art tunnel. Sophisticated lighting, air-conditioning, and rails expedited the removal of 2000 tons of dirt. Pinpoint navigation located the end of the tunnel exactly at the only 2×2′ space in El Chapo’s cell—the shower area—which was shielded from view.

But it is just as extraordinary that the 17-month tunnel project took place under the authorities’ noses. They knew El Chapo was an expert at planning tunnels. Why did they allow the house construction? Why did they fail to monitor it and its constant traffic? How could they not hear or feel the gigantic earth moving operation under their feet? Why did it take 18 minutes for them to notice that El Chapo was missing from his cell, which was under round-the-clock surveillance? The answer: US $50 million dollars. About $5 million was spent on the tunnel itself, and $45 million on bribes.

El Chapo

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto (photo by World Economic Forum)

Thirty prison employees have been taken in for questioning. Seven have been arrested and put behind bars. Their families are protesting that they and their lawyers have no access to the accused. It has all the marks of a coverup. But how high in the Mexican government does the conspiracy reach? High enough to shatter the credibility of the President, Enrique Pena Nieto himself. And to seriously question the involvement of US authorities. The US knew of the plot to free El Chapo by March 2015. But it did not formally ask to extradite El Chapo to the US till June.

We must also ask why it took US and Mexican authorities 13 years to find El Chapo after his first prison break. It took Angus MacQueen, producer of the upcoming documentary Drug Lord: the Legend of Shorty for PBS, only a short time. MacQueen says he and his assistant quickly guessed where El Chapo was and found him there. El Chapo was only a few miles from where his mother lives. This is only logical since Sinaloa is led by a family network with strong tribal loyalty. We must pray that they do not spread their murderous ways to Belize, Guatemala and other Central American nations where law enforcement is also notoriously weak…

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