Gay pride crashes Belize independence party

gay pride

Drag queens at gay pride event in Sao Paolo, Brazil, photo by Rose Brasil-ABr-1,

Prayer for Family & Education: Caribbean Villas Resort in San Pedro is promoting a “Temptation Island” Gay Pride Week on Sept. 5-12. It plans nightly activities such as a drag show, a runway model show, a toga party, a leather and lace party, and a masquerade ball. These activities are obviously designed to stir up homosexual desires. Yet Caleb Orozco of UNIBAM calls it “just another event that is part of the Belizean social fabric.” Pastor Scott Stirm, VP of the Belize Association of Evangelical churches, calls the gay pride event “part of the international push for the homosexual agenda.” Sodomy is still illegal in Belize. The overwhelming majority of Belizeans prefer it that way. Belize will celebrating its independence from foreign colonialism in September. To promote a gay pride event for foreign tourists at that time is an affront to Belize’s hard-earned sovereignty.

The BAEC is now working with the San Pedro Alliance of Ministers on appropriate responses. They could take the form of prayer-and-worship gatherings, testimonies of those freed from the gay lifestyle, peaceful protests, leafleting, or all of the above. Certainly if a hotel can promote defiance of law and morality, patriotic Belizeans can promote allegiance to them. At the same time we must watch over the safety of all participants, as illegal gangs threaten to take more lives. Two teens died on June 29 of wounds from apparently unprovoked gunfire while passing through Belize City “gang” turf. Let us take due care as the September celebrations approach. Let us pray for the decrease of lawlessness which corrupts a nation. And for the increase of righteousness which exalts a nation.

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Drag show and leather & lace party at gay pride event.

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