ISIS executions total 3,017 in a single year

ISIS executions

Red shows territories in Syria and Iraq under ISIS control. Photo by NordNordWest, Spesh531.

PRAYER ALERT: ISIS has outraged the world time and time again with beheadings and other diabolical and vicious styles of killings. What is all the more shocking is that ISIS executions have totaled 3017 since June 29, 2014. That is when ISIS exploded onto the world scene, announcing itself to be a caliphate under shariah law. ISIS has beheaded two journalists and four humanitarian aid workers. It has conducted mass beheadings of 75 Syrian soldiers in July 2014, 21 more Syrian soldiers in November 2014, 15 Afghans in September 2014, about 100 ISIS deserters in December 2014, 21 Coptic Christians in February 2015, and 28 Ethiopian Christians in April 2015.

ISIS executions include 74 children put to death for such offenses as refusing to fast during Ramadan. These children have suffered such atrocities as being tortured, crucified, buried alive, used as suicide bombers, or sold into sex slavery. ISIS executions peaked in the week on June 29-July 5 as it celebrated both Ramadan and its one-year anniversary as a self-proclaimed caliphate. In that week two children and 11 adults were crucified in public for neglecting the Ramadan fast. A video showed 15 more ISIS executions that week, including some drowned in cages, some burned alive in a car hit by a rocket launcher, and others decapitated by explosives tied around their necks. On July 3, ISIS claimed responsibility for the 38 people gunned down on a Tunisia beach, and the 27 killed by a bomb attack on a Shia mosque in Kuwait.

The US’ Sunni allies in the Middle East are increasingly alarmed at the vast gains ISIS is making in the Muslim world. They have tried to fly heavy weapons to the Kurds who are the most successful in fighting off ISIS. The US has blocked them, insisting they work through the Shiite-dominated Iraqi government instead. But the Iraqis have proved mostly ineffective against ISIS. And though US airstrikes are able to clear some ground, it is hard to find soldiers who can hold it. We must pray that ISIS’ victims will find help from a much greater and wiser Super-Power.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are Sovereign over heaven and earth. You fully reign in heaven. But You count on us to pray that Your reign in heaven comes to earth. You see that ISIS is expanding its reign of terror. In a year they have taken one-third of Iraq and Syria. They are threatening Israel, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan. They are terrorizing those who try to stand against them. The devil is using them to kill, steal and destroy. They are doing the devil’s work in the most unimaginably atrocious ways. But the devil is overplaying his hand. He is showing how evil Allah is. He is showing shariah to be not a way of life but of death. He is showing the Quran to be a book of fear and not of faith.

Now that people in the Muslim world have seen the real face of Islam, show them Your face, and be gracious. Show them Your mercy and salvation. Show them the way from fear of Allah to a life of faith in Christ. Because only faith in Christ can save them from the tyranny of jihadists. And only faith in Christ can save the jihadists themselves. Reveal Christ to them as You did to Paul. Turn persecutors into gospel-preachers.

But if they refuse Your call, turn their devices against them. Disrupt their plans. Disable their weapons. Into the traps they set, let them fall themselves. Show them mercy, but stop their tide of bloodshed. Equip Your people to arise instead. Help them rebuild the ruins and repair the breaches. Restore the foundations Your apostles laid in the Middle East. Let the fullness of the Gentiles come in before the end of the age. And let the increase of Your government and of Your peace have no end. In Jesus’ name, amen..

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The world has witnessed atrocious ISIS executions.

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