Turkish jets strike back at Kurdish militants

Turkish jets

Turkey is fighting both ISIS and the Kurds at its border with Syria.

PRAYER ALERT: On July 25 Turkish jets hit camps belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. It ended the peace deal with PKK that Turkey had observed since 2013. The Turkish jets were launched after four days of attacks by Kurdish militants killed two Turkish police and wounded seven. The Kurds were protesting Turkish inactivity against ISIS, their arch-enemy, which killed 32 Kurds in a July 20 suicide bombing.

Now Turkey is mounting an aggressive campaign against both ISIS and the Kurds. Not only have Turkish jets been launched against ISIS targets for the first time. It is also conducting massive police raids against both ISIS and Kurdish militants. The police have already detained more than 300 of them in 21 Turkish provinces. Does Turkey now intend to replace the Kurdish militants as ISIS’ most effective foe?

PRAY WITH US: Father God, we declare You as sovereign over the entire world. We call on You to arise against Your enemies. The dangers and complications of ISIS’ worldwide jihad has grown beyond our comprehension. Great powers have been reluctant to use their might to confront them. Only the lightly-armed Kurds have had much success against them. Now Turkish jets have launched a bigger offense. We ask that You unite heavenly and earthly forces to defeat ISIS.

But we also ask that You make known Your will for the region. Muslims are vying with one another to reestablish an Islamic caliphate. They plot in vain. You laugh at them. But we also ask that You make known Your good will for their nations. Increase the influence of Your persecuted people in their midst. Make them like mustard seeds that grow to overshadow other forces. Make them witnesses who spread more mustard seeds wherever they go. Give them the power of Jesus’ blood to cleanse the nations. Give them to power of the Holy Spirit to shake kingdoms. Give them the Your wisdom to raise up governments with religious freedom. And show them how to use their freedom to heal and prosper and not to harm. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Turkish jets can mount a bigger offense than the Kurds.

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