Gay pride event in Belize goes into reverse

gay pride event

Intercessors at San Pedro’s Manuel Heredia Park: (l to r) Kerm Thimbrel, BAEC VP Scott Stirm, Laverne Palacio, Pastor Everette Palacio, Pastor Clive Welsh.

PRAYER ALERT: The first publicized gay pride event in Belize is now becoming a non-event. We learned this from Pastor Everette Palacio at the August 17 San Pedro corporate prayer gathering in Manuel Heredia Park. Two of Everette’s sons work at Caribbean Villas Hotel, the site of the planned Sept. 5-12 gay pride event. They say that the hotel owner is having serious second thoughts.

gay pride event

Joining in prayer for God’s kingdom to come at Caribbean Villas Hotel

Five of us went to the hotel grounds the next day to pray directly on site. We were few in number. But we knew we represent the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro and the whole Evangelical Association of Belize. We represent the vast majority of Belizeans who do not want the gay agenda to gain ground in this nation. Most of all, we represent God and heaven. And He commands us to pray heaven to earth. Agree with us in prayer that God will:

  • Work to the good what the enemy meant for evil.
  • Keep confirming the owner’s second thoughts every time he thinks of the gay pride event.
  • Undo the preparations of the event planners for the drag show, leather & lace party, etc.
  • Undo the plans of the gay tourists to come to the event.
  • Show the gay tourists the way out of their self-defeating lifestyle and into God’s good will.
  • Keep the door open for more and more divine influence in the hotel.
  • Lead families & church groups to call for reservations. Fill up the hotel rooms now and for many coming months.
  • Keep working on the hotel owner’s conscience until he cancels the gay pride event.
  • Make the whole process of reversing the plans for Sept. 5-12 simple and easy.
  • Bless the hotel owner and his properties abundantly as he mends his ways.
  • Cause any effort to push a future gay pride event in Belize to fail.
  • Keep guarding Belizeans, and especially children, from the corrupting influences of the LGBT agenda.
  • Make public more and more testimonies of complete deliverance from the gay lifestyle.
  • Affirm God’s definitions of man, woman, marriage, sex and family.
  • Establish the authority of the San Pedro pastors. They have agreed to teach on divine order in the family as the basis for society.
  • Empower every effort to reconcile families and to restore sexually confused people to their God-given identities.


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Owner having second thoughts about gay pride event.

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