Schools open to gangs, gays or God’s agenda?

schools open

Pray that the new school year builds on what students have learned.

BC-HOP Family & Education Prayer: With schools open again, we want students’ hearts to open to the gospel. During the summer they miss school devotions and church services. They come under influences from gangs & the media. The enemy tries to use outside influences to undo what students learned at school and church. We need parents to cooperate with biblical teaching and training of their children. But many parents are living in sin and even adultery. If the parents’ hearts don’t turn to the children, and the children’s hearts to the parents, there will be a curse.

Family breakdown has opened the door for the gay agenda to prey on students. Too many government leaders are quietly cooperating with the LGBT agenda and family breakdown. They have tried to introduce pro-LGBT curricula into schools. They have tried to adopt a pro-LGBT gender policy. Though prayer and awareness campaigns, churches have united and held the line against the gay agenda. We now hear reports that the Sept. 5-12 Gay Pride Week in San Pedro has been postponed or canceled. Pray that this September will be a time of celebration of independence from such foreign influences. Pray that schools open to God’s influence. And pray that the biblical, moral and family values on which Belize’s constitution is founded will prevail.

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Will we be ready when schools open ?

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