EU migrant plan struggles with Muslim influx

EU migrant plan

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PRAYER ALERT for EU migrant plan. In Brussels yesterday, an EU migrant plan was approved by the union’s interior ministers. They aim to divide 120,000 refugees among their member nations. But Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania voted against the EU migrant plan. Slovakia’s prime minister went so far as to refuse to accept a quota. Today the EU held an emergency meeting hoping to heal these cracks between Eastern Europe and Western Europe. They approved of a $1.1 billion aid program for refugees.

But many Europeans both east and west are still critical of the EU migrant plan. Estimates of future refugees streaming into Europe run as high as 35 million. Only a small percentage are Christians. Most of the migrants are young Muslim males who will find it hard to get integrated into Europe. They have been raised in highly restrictive Muslim societies. But they have grown to expect that in parts of Europe they can form their own communities with their own laws, and live on government support.

How long will that last in Europe’s already overstrained economies? How far will Europe’s already high unemployment rate soar? Will disenchantment result in radicalization and Muslim movements to overthrow European governments? Already ISIS is promising to plant hundreds of jihadists in the refugee crowds. Will Europe get much tougher against the preaching of insurgency in its midst in order to survive?

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are Sovereign over heaven and earth. You have given the earth to men to bring it under the kingdom of heaven. When we failed You sent Jesus. He won back all authority in heaven and earth. And we began to see Your kingdom come in the Middle East and northern Africa and Europe. But the Middle East and Africa fell under Muslim domination. Europe fell under humanistic domination. Both have failed. Refugees are fleeing from violent chaos in the Middle East and Africa. They are risking their lives to flee into social and moral chaos in Europe. The EU migrant plan is already falling apart.

But You have a plan to prosper and not to harm them. You have a plan to give them a hope and a future. It is the same plan that You gave to the Jewish exiles in Babylon. It is prayer in the name of Jesus. If they only ask Him, they will find His salvation. If they only seek Him, they will find Him right where they are. If they only knock on His door, they will find His way toward a secure and blessed future. So reveal Jesus to them. Send them dreams of Jesus. Send them disciple-makers. Raise up nation-changers. Gather them in cell groups and churches. Show them the power of agreement in Jesus’ name.

Do the impossible. Make them witnesses in the midst of persecution. Change their persecutors into gospel preachers. Make them witnesses to their European hosts. They don’t have the answers. Without You, the EU migrant plan and the EU austerity plans cannot work. Without You, the EU is headed toward downfall. Send it revival instead. With Muslim enemies rising up like a flood, raise up Your standard. Show that He who is in us is greater than He who is in the world. And show Your people how to overcome every evil with good. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Europe divided over EU migrant plan.

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