Gay Pride denied; Guat vote affects BZ border

gay pride

The Sarstoon River, marking Belize’s southern border with Guatemala, was the site of the Aug. 16 confrontation between the Guatemala Navy & Belize Territorial Volunteers (Fernando Reyes Palencia)

BC-HOP Prayer for Government & Economy. Thank God for sparing Belize from the Gay Pride Week. It was scheduled for the Caribbean Villas Hotel in San Pedro. But the hotel owner quietly canceled the Gay Pride Week after having second thoughts. They were amplified through by your prayers. God has shut the door to this defilement of Belize.

We must also pray He shuts the door to the expansion of drug cartels into Belize. New leadership will come out of Sunday’s Guatemala elections. It will determine in part how much access drug cartels have to that nation. And how much access, through its border, to Belize. God is using the recent border confrontations between the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Guatemala Navy to alert us to pray over the border. The BTV can only partly mark our borders. The Belize Defence Force can only lightly defend them. But we have a great God. He can mobilize His army of prayer warriors to resist the enemy at every border point. So let us listen, obey and pray. And we will see the salvation of the Lord.

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