Jimmy Morales says Belize is Guatemalan turf

Jimmy Morales

Jimmy Morales wants to make the border dispute at the Sarstoon River a priority national issue.

BC-HOP Prayer for Government & media. Top Guatemalan presidential candidate Jimmy Morales said he wants to recover Belize for Guatemala. On September 13 he got more votes—25 percent—than any other candidate. On October 25 he will face off in the final vote with former First Lady Sandra Torres de Colom. Jimmy Morales wants to make the Belize claim a priority issue. He is frustrated that the confrontations between the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Guatemala Navy at the Sarstoon border has stirred very little national interest. He says that the loss of Belize is the “most deplorable event” in Guatemalan history.

Jimmy Morales is a former TV comedian. But he is dead serious about this issue. He wants to go to the International Court of Justice “where we can fight for that territory or part of that territory.” In 2013, Belize and Guatemala were planning to hold votes on taking the case to the ICJ. But then-President Otto Perez Molina suddenly dropped the issue. We believe this was due in large part to Christian leaders in Guatemala and Belize at that time agreeing to respect the current borders. Now we are told that presidential candidate Sandra Torres is also in agreement with such leaders on the border issue. During the current Belize celebrations of its independence, pray that God will speak and act powerfully through these leaders. And pray that the outcome of the October 25 vote will make Guatemala a respectful good neighbor of a sovereign Belize instead of a rival.

#Daily Insight: The greatest hope for a nation is a praying, vocal and active church (see 1 Tim. 2:1-4).


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