Sarstoon disputed by Guat Navy, not Church


The Sarstoon River, marking Belize’s southern border with Guatemala.

BC-HOP Government & Spiritual Life Prayer. GOB has been reconsidering its plans to build a forward base for the Belize Defense Force on Sarstoon Island. But the Belize Territorial Volunteers are passionately calling for the base to be built. They believe it is needed to assert Belize’s ownership of the island and Sarstoon River. Guatemala claims both Sarstoon Island and Sarstoon River. In fact, on many of its official maps, all of Belize belongs to Guatemala. Now COLA (Citizens Organised for Liberty through Action) is joining BTV in advocating building the Belize Defence Force base on Sarstoon Island. They are supporting BTV’s planned third visit to that highly sensitive border point, to take place this month.

And yet the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches has been in contact with many top church leaders in Guatemala who acknowledge the current border. They used to say, “Belize is ours.” Now they say, “Belize is our neighbor.” The BAEC is planning joint prayer efforts with such leaders. In the spring of 2013 we also had a joint prayer effort. The then Guatemalan president suddenly ended his campaign to bring the issue to a vote. Let’s agree in prayer that the new Guatemalan leadership will respect Belize as a fully sovereign neighbor.

Prayer Point. The spiritual authority of the church in the nation is not gained from men but from God (see Rom. 13:1).


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