Syrian refugees in Europe face closing doors

Syrian refugees in Europe

Refugees wait to cross the Greek-Macedonia border (photo from Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äusseres)

PRAYER ALERT for Syrian refugees in Europe. More than 4 million refugees have fled from Syria (pop. 23 million) since its 4-year-old civil war began. About half have settled in Turkey. The vast majority of the rest have settled in other Middle East Muslim nations, particularly Lebanon and Jordan. Until April 2015 there was less than 1% of the Syrian refugees in Europe. Now the numbers fleeing there are rising exponentially. It is the greatest refugee crisis since WWII. In July a new single-month record of 107,500 Syrian refugees in Europe was set. August’s tally of 156,000 far exceeded that.

The more that news gets around that the doors are open, the more Syrian refugees in Europe will escalate. The flood of refugees also includes Iraqis, Africans, Afghans, Pakistanis and others. European borders are far more porous since the EU abolished most of its nations’ border controls in 1995. But with the massive influx of Syrian refugees in Europe, some EU nations are building up their borders again.

On September 15 Hungary closed its border with Serbia. Razor-wire fences were erected. More than 30,000 various refugees then sought passage through Croatia. Croatia reacted by closing all but one of its border crossings with Serbia. Yesterday authorities were overwhelmed by mobs at that border crossing. Scuffles broke out between refugees and Croatian police. Macedonia declared a year-long state of emergency and began to consider building a fence


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Uncertain future for Syrian refugees in Europe.

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