South Asia floods follow deadly heat wave

South Asia floods

Monsoon over India.

PRAYER ALERT for South Asia floods by Intercessors Prayer Ministry International. The coming of the monsoons in South Asia signals a relief from the deadly scorching heat wave that struck in May and June. However, the monsoon together with the cyclone “Komen” this year has brought widespread flooding and devastation. Countries most affected include India, Myanmar, Pakistan and Vietnam. The South Asia floods have left more than 300 people dead in the region.

India. Heavy rain in July and August has resulted in extensive flooding and displacement of people. 293 lives have been lost. Over 1 million people are seeking shelter and relief.

Pakistan. Early monsoons and what is being called a mini cyclone in April has resulted in flooding. Heavy monsoon rain and melting of snow has exacerbated the situation. Parts of the country struggle with too much water. Other parts struggle with too little.

Myanmar.  This year’s monsoon floods in Myanmar, the most severe in a decade, affected an estimated 1.6 million people. They killed more than 100. Almost 400,000 hectares of farmland, largely rice paddies, along with fish ponds and farm animals, were lost.  A tropical cyclone followed the devastation wrought by monsoon storms. It has swept away homes, roads and bridges. (VOA News)

Bangladesh. Torrential rains have set off flash floods and landslides, with 19 lives lost. Compounding this Cycle Komen hit at the end of July impacting 1.5 million people.

As we follow the news of these South Asia floods, our heart goes out to the many families who face the challenging environment annually.

  1. For their wellbeing and relief provision now.
  2. Let us all pour out our hearts to God for a solution. We seek His help prevent such tragic loss of life and property from the South Asia floods..
  3. The technical knowledge for relief is available. Pray that God directs it to build safety into homes and to channel excess water away to the areas that need it.
  4. For His comfort and protection to go to victims of these South Asia floods.


DailyInsight: God’s comfort zone is only for those who mourn over sin, suffering and death (see Mt. 5:4; 2 Cor. 1:3-7)


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Monsoons bring South Asia floods.

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