Anti conversion bill imperils India Christians

anti conversion bill

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PRAYER ALERT on anti conversion bill. From Intercessory Prayer Ministry International. A Christian group is warning that Christians will see an increase in violence if a religious anti conversion bill passes through parliament in India. Release International is warning that a proposed anti conversion bill poses a threat to religious freedom. They say it will further add to a culture of intolerance.

Andrew Boyd from Release International explained this further to Premier’s News Hour. He said that it risks creating violence against India’s Christian minority. “There have been lots of attacks against Muslims and Christians in India. These particular laws are a nod towards that violence. They’re almost saying we understand that that’s happening and that kind of violence is justified.”

India is a mainly Hindu nation but is also home to Muslims and Christians. The anti conversion bill would propose a ten-year jail sentence for evangelists. If passed it would outlaw conversion from Hinduism across the country.

Paul Robinson, the Chief Executive of Release International, said that: “Ultra-nationalists in India are creating a climate of intolerance that will lead to increased religious violence. This anti conversion bill would outlaw evangelism and stir up further violence against India’s religious minorities.”

The leading BJP party is thought to have links to Hindu nationalists. It is also linked to the Hindutva philosophy. Hindutva holds that the Indian subcontinent is the homeland of Hindus. It contends that to be Indian is to be Hindu.

Andrew Boyd from Release International spoke on Premier’s News Hour. “These moves… would affect the entire nation. You’d have a picture now where the world’s largest democracy would outlaw freedom for its own individuals to choose their faith. And you would lose the freedom to share your faith.” (Source: Hannah Tooley,, 10/9/2015)..

DailyInsight: To be promised reward for praying for your persecutors, then see them turn to Christ, is the best of both worlds (see Lk 6:35).

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  1. Let us give thanks for the almost two thousand years of history of the church in India. And for all that God has accomplished for His Kingdom through His people during this time.
  2. For the increased witness of the church throughout India in spite of the growing threat of persecution.
  3. For the death of the anti-conversion bill in the Indian Parliament. And for the failure of all other attempts to incite violence against the Christian community across India.             Read more
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