Drug busts show Belize needs more vigilance

drug busts

Marijuana (photo by Pixabay)

BC-HOP Prayer on drug busts. In the past two weeks we have seen 4 drug busts of quantities big enough for trafficking. In front of Wesley College the vice-principal was caught with 14 grams of cocaine. In Arenal Village five men were caught with 9.32 pounds of marijuana. Police also made drug busts in two Tropic Air offices. At the Corozal Ranchito office they discovered a milk box with more than a pound inside. At the San Pedro Tropic Air cargo hold they found 376 grams in a corn flakes box. Tropic Air recently received safety achievement awards from the Latin America and Caribbean Air Transport Association. But it refuses to take further security measures to prevent drug trafficking. It is the Civil Aviation Department which is supposed to screen baggage and cargo. It is supposed to arrest lawbreakers and not leave drug busts to police.

Now Civil Aviation is promising to hire a security consultant by December. But how much more trafficking is going on in schools and airstrips, etc. that is undetected by drug busts? We must pray for vigilance all the more. The Zetas drug cartel has claimed Belize as a zone of operations. It is armed, dangerous and obviously hostile to drug busts. Not only do we need Civil Aviation to do its job. We need help from the armies of heaven to defend Belize and expose drug trafficking. And we need the Holy Spirit to convict and transform the traffickers before they do more damage. For Christ came to destroy the work of the devil!

DailyInsightAddiction to Jesus will free you from other addictions (see John 8:31-32; Gal. 5:1).

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Drug busts are evidence of much more trafficking.

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