Drug cartels claim zones in Guatemala & Belize

drug cartels

President-elect Jimmy Morales must face growing drug cartel claims on Guatemala.

PRAYER ALERT on drug cartels. Newly elected president Jimmy Morales has said publicly that Guatemala should pursue its case for owning Belize. He won almost 68% of the vote. He campaigned not on the Belize claim but on the slogan, “Neither Corrupt nor a Thief.” Guatemala’s former president and vice president are now jailed for corruption, opening the way for Morales’ successful campaign. But founding members of Morales’ own party have been implicated in rights abuses. Most of them stem from the 1960-1996 civil war.

Yet more recent abuses also threaten the nation. Guatemala territory is now disputed by both the Zetas and the Pacific drug cartels. (The Pacific is an alliance of the Sinaloa and Gulf drug cartels). Cartel operatives have infiltrated Guatemalan politics. Mexico’s government war against cartels started in 2006. So the drug cartels have been spreading to Central America. Now 90% of the two cartels’ US-bound cocaine trade is operating in Central America. The Pacific cartel’s zone of operations is said to be El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The Zetas’ zone is said to be Belize. With both cartels operating in Guatemala, Belize is in danger of being a battleground of drug wars. We must pray for God to arise. For these enemies to be scattered from Belize, Central America and Mexico. And for divine defense of our borders against further incursions of drug cartels or Guatemalan claims.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, we come to Your mercy seat. Have mercy on Belize. Cover over our sins. Don’t let the enemy take advantage of them. Seal the many gaps in the defenses of our borders. Post Your intercessors as watchmen and Your intercessors as guards. Renew the good relationships between churches in Belize and Guatemala. When we prayed together in 2013, You caused Guatemala to drop its court claim on Belize. Now we are praying again, You can stop it again. Stop drug cartels in their tracks too. Bring conviction on them. Expose their operations. Free their underlings from intimidation. Free their captives from addictions. Help them find safe haven in You. And may their testimonies deliver more and more captives until the drug lords either flee or give in to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DailyInsightSafety is not found in the absence of danger but in the presence of God. Unknown.

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Drug cartels seek to expand their zones.


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