Millenium goals measure Belize’s progress

millenium goals

Progress in other development goals has still left many Belizeans in extreme poverty (Pixabay)

BC-HOP PRAYER for Millenium Goals. In 2000 the UN set eight Millenium Goals for nations to achieve by 2015. How did Belize measure up? Goal 1 was to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Belize came up short, despite its overall economic growth. Belize’s Conditional Cash Transfer and Food Pantry programs are still too young to produce a reduction in poverty levels. Belize is on track to achieve Goal 2—universal primary school education. It has also made progress toward Goal 3—promoting gender equality and empowerment of women.

Belize has met its target for Goal 4—reducing child mortality, which decreased by 63%. It has also succeeded in Millenium Goals 5 and 6—reducing maternal deaths, and combating diseases. Goal 7 is ensuring environmental sustainability. In this Belize was commended for the lowest deforestation in the region. And it rated high in Goal 8—global partnership for development. The Superbond restructuring helped to improved its debt profile. Thus out of eight Millenium Goals, Belize scored well in seven. We must pray that its progress in Millenium Goals will translate into relief of its extreme poverty conditions.

DailyInsight: Our hopelessness about a problem is a bigger problem than the problem—Steve Backlund.

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Belize scores fairly well on seven of the eight UN millenium goals.




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