Muslim names database -who should US track?

Muslim names database

Islamic Society of Boston headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts

PRAYER ALERT on Muslim names database. The November 13 ISIS-coordinated attacks on Paris, killing 130, prompted a global search for solutions. What can we do to prevent more jihadist attacks? Some focus on stricter immigration and refugee policies. But what do we do about potential terrorists already in-country? France’s Interior Minister called for “dissolution” of radical mosques. Belgium’s Prime Minister threatens similar action. No one in the Obama administration has mentioned that option. Should the US at least develop a Muslim names database, to track radical Islamic sympathizers? If we don’t, they may blow up in our faces. Without a radical Muslim names database to help investigators, many more hundreds, thousands and possibly millions could be killed.

According to the Clarion Project, 83 radical mosques operate in the US. One is Dar al-Hijrah in Falls Church, Virginia, the mosque where two of the 9/11 hijackers worshiped. Another is the Islamic Society of Boston, the mosque of the Boston Bombers. Some of the 83 mosques are preaching radical Islam. Some are teaching attendees to become terrorists. Some are backed by militant Muslim organizations. All should be on a radical Muslim names database.

If their leaders are found to be guilty of crimes such as treason or plotting attacks, yes, they should be prosecuted. If the mosques continue to such promote crimes, yes, they should be shut down. So should any criminal organization, no matter what its religion. Clarion reports that there is a sophisticated network of radical Islamic organizations all across the US…

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DailyInsight. To force faith is a contradiction. “Faith” that use force is armed coercion, not religion (See Eph. 2:8).

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Muslim name database -who does US track?

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Intelligence on terrorism requires Muslim names database.

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