Radical Islam —legal faith or illegal force?

Radical Islam

ISIS flag also used by al Qaeda groups and Boko Haram.

PRAYER ALERT on radical Islam. In the war on terror, many fear naming our enemy: radical Islam. They fear offending the many moderate Muslims around the world. There are a total of 1.57 billion Muslims. Most of them practice their faith peacefully. But radical Islam militants seek to impose their faith forcefully. Can we truly call radical Islam a faith at all?

Faith by definition cannot be forced. Forced “conversion” is actually coercion. Most Muslim conquests have been by armed force, not by winning people to a faith. Faith is free and allows religious freedom. Therefore all faiths should be legal. They pose no military threat to governments.

But radical Islam is no faith. It is a military force which should be illegal. It seeks to intimidate by terror, to overthrow governments, and to impose an alien law. To advocate it is treason. It is time for government leaders to arise and declare that radical Islam is against the law of their lands. No proponent of radical Islam should be allowed to enter or operate within their borders.

If anyone seeks by force to deprive others of freedom, he should be deprived of freedom by force. For the governing authority “is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer” (Rom. 13:4). Let us pray that radical Islam will be defeated by our exercise of faith in prayer, and by our governments’ exercise of force in defense and in war.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, all power and might belong to You. Yet You chose not to force us to worship You. Out of love You gave us freedom to choose as You do. We can choose to live by faith and not be compelled by force. Yet radical Islam seeks to take that choice away from people. It outlaws faith and freedom so that people cannot hear the gospel. It is the work of the devil to blind the minds of unbelievers. Thank You for sending Jesus to destroy the devil’s work.

This deceptive work, under the guise of legal religion, has infiltrated governments, universities, banks and militaries. Expose it wherever it has spread. Disrupt every plan to terrify, kill, steal and destroy. Bring the plotters to repentance. If they persist in doing evil, bring them to justice. Make clear that radical Islam is illegal. Empower governments to do their job of enforcing their law and prosecuting lawbreakers. Empower Your people to be Your witnesses of salvation and deliverance from evil. Free those in bondage to radical Islam. Help them receive You as Father and Jesus as Lord. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DailyInsightTo force faith is a contradiction. “Faith” that use force is armed coercion, not religion (See Eph. 2:8)

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