ISIS defeated in Ramadi; fight for Mosul next

ISIS defeated

Ramadi is located about 200 miles west of Baghdad.

PRAYER ALERT for ISIS defeated. Today the Iraq military declared ISIS defeated in the city of Ramadi. Iraqi counterterrorism forces took control of the central government complex. They raised the Iraqi flag over its mostly ruined buildings. Most of Ramadi sustained heavy damage in the reconquest. ISIS left booby traps just about everywhere. It will take many weeks to clear out pockets of ISIS resistance, It will take longer to disable the booby traps. But Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is already saying that we will see ISIS defeated in all of Iraq in 2016. “We are coming to liberate Mosul. It will be the fatal and final blow to ISIS,” he added.

Mosul was the third and largest of the three key Iraqi cities taken by ISIS in 2014-2015. The other two were Tikrit and Ramadi. Iraq retook Tikrit in June of April 2015. It had help from Iran’s Shiite Quds forces and Shiite militia. But Shiite paramilitary groups were accused of numerous abuses of the mostly Sunni Tikrit civilians. This time, to avoid sectarian conflict in mostly Sunni Ramadi, Shiite paramilitary forces were not used by the Iraqi military. But elsewhere in Iraq and Syria, both Sunni and Shiite jihadis are conducting ethnic cleansing of the areas they conquer. There are few mixed areas left in either country. The smaller Christian communities are slowly being eliminated.

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PRAY WITH US. Father God, You see the devastation that Islamic jihad has brought to Iraq and Syria. You see how Shiite Iran has financed terrorism. You see how Sunni ISIS has waged barbaric wars. It has conducted reigns of terror. We thank You that we now see ISIS defeated in Ramadi as well as Tikrit. We now ask You to…

  • Help coalition forces fully drive out ISIS from not only Ramadi but all of Iraq. Disable ISIS operations in Syria.
  • Identify every booby trap that ISIS has left. Help soldiers defuse them safely. And defuse the sectarian conflicts which are stoked by radical Islam. Expose Islam as domination by force, not religion by faith.
  • Establish a coalition of people groups to safely reoccupy retaken territory. Make Christians a small but supernaturally powerful element of those coalitions. Pour out Your Spirit on them with power. Make them witnesses to their neighbors. Multiply them!
  • Increase Your peace and government in all those places. For You are destined to reign over the entire earth. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DailyInsight. Divide and conquer” must be followed by “unite and govern.” Otherwise enemies will conquer the divisions (see 2 Sam. 19-20).

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Will we see ISIS defeated in Mosul next?

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