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Nine of the twelve members of the NEAB National Executive Committee after the 16 October elections.

NEWS UPDATE on QA. Here is a QA on the newly registered National Evangelical Association of Belize.

Q. Who is National Evangelical Association of Belize?

A. NEAB is a network that is connecting Christian leaders and churches from every district of Belize. We are multidenominational. Our vision is to mobilize prayer and action together throughout the nation in the name of Christ.

Q. Isn’t that like the vision of the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches?

A. Actually we got our start from people in the BAEC. For a long time almost all the members of BAEC were from the Belize District. Then they had the vision of starting a chapter in every district of the nation. Every chapter would be involved in national decisions through their chapter chairmen. That way they could better represent the whole body of Christ in Belize.

Q. Why didn’t that work?

A. It’s actually still working. Beginning in 2013 all the districts plus Belmopan started a chapter. In 2014 all the chapters agreed on a new constitution, with the understanding that further amendments would be made. Then in 2015 one district chapter decided to go back to the old constitution. It told the other district chapters that their participation in BAEC was suspended until further notice.

Q. Which chapter said that, and why?

A. The Belize District chapter. We’ve asked them why, but still haven’t heard an explanation. You are free to ask them too. The other district chapters still want to keep going with the plan of the new constitution. We want to meet and mobilize together much more, like we’ve all agreed to do all along. So that’s what we’re doing now. We are convinced that this is a good work that God began. We’re hoping that people from the Belize District will rejoin us.

Q. Haven’t you tried to meet with them to work this out?

A. Yes, the other chapter leaders have been asking to meet with the Belize District chapter leaders for months. But they haven’t responded. Our door is still open. Feel free to invite them too.

Q. If they’re the ones who veered off from what BAEC agreed on, why are they still calling themselves BAEC?

A. They found legal means to do that. We didn’t want to go to court over a name. We offered arbitration before trusted Christian leaders to work out our differences according to Matthew 18:15-17. But they declined.

Q. Don’t they want the other districts to be involved?

A. In their revised version of the old constitution, it says that churches and even groups of churches from other districts can join later. But a district will no longer be able to elect district representatives to the national leadership.

Q. What will you do since they won’t meet with you?

A. We’re still hoping and praying for reconciliation. Until then, the other district chapters want to go ahead with mobilizing together for prayer and action. The nation needs the churches to be working together as much as possible.

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