Marijuana users show memory, driving defects

marijuana users

Marijuana (photo by Pixabay)

PRAYER ALERT on marijuana users. The Government of Belize is now preparing to decriminalize marijuana. It’s time to know and pray about the damages that marijuana users risk. Cannabis intake is proven to impair memory, learning and driving ability. It can cause psychological and physical ailments, including cancer. It can also harm children of marijuana users.

Let’s consider these effects in more detail. Below are reports from Wikipedia.

A 2008 review that concluded that marijuana actually did “impair all aspects of short-term memory. This applies especially to short-term episodic and working memory. One small study found that no learning occurred during the 2 hour period in which the subjects (infrequent users) were ‘stoned.’”

Lab studies showing serious effects on driving skills. These include “impairments in tracking, attention, reaction time, short-term memory, hand-eye coordination, vigilance, time and distance perception, and decision making and concentration.” Specifically marijuana use affects “steering, headway control, speed variability, car following, reaction time and lane positioning.” Also, the British Medical Journal indicated that “drivers who consume cannabis within three hours of driving are nearly twice as likely to cause a vehicle collision.”

Serious effects on children of users. “Some studies have found that children of tobacco and marijuana-smoking mothers more frequently suffer from permanent cognitive deficits, concentration disorders, hyperactivity, and impaired social interactions.”

A study in the journal Cancer March 15, 2009, “linked long-term use of cannabis to an increased risk of 70 percent for testicular cancer.” Scientists concluded that “cannabis is harmful to the human endocrine and reproductive system.”

The BEACH study at the University of Sydney researched doctors’ records of admitted marijuana users. It found that 48% had a psychological problem. They included 19% with depression, 9% with psychosis and 6% had anxiety.” The statistics were much lower for those who were not marijuana users.

Wikipedia also reports that marijuana can produce visual and aural hallucinations and panic attacks. Also,a middle-age person’s risk of heart attack rises nearly five-fold in the first hour after smoking marijuana.”

What message does the decriminalization of marijuana send? That marijuana isn’t very harmful after all. Therefore more people would use it. Pray with us, that the decriminalization campaign be turned back by a deliverance and healing movement.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, we thank You for the way You created us. You created us to love you with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. And to love others as ourselves. We confess that our hearts, minds and bodies have turned to other things and other ways. Marijuana is one of the broad ways that leads to destruction. It does damage to our hearts. At times it even brings on heart attacks. It does damage to our minds. It impairs our memory and learning and adds to psychological problems. It does damage to our bodies. It’s a cause of cancer and birth defects.

Only You, Lord, can reverse this damage. Only You, Lord, can draw people to Yourself. Send waves of conviction over marijuana users and drug peddlers. Send waves of deliverance to those in bondage to drugs. Send waves of healing to drug and marijuana users. Restore their hearts and minds and bodies. Redirect them to loving You and loving others as themselves. Heal the Body of Christ too, and mobilize us to release Your love and power. Change the issue from decriminalizing marijuana to getting free of it. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DailyInsight. Escape the bondage of escapism into the liberty of committing to an empowering God. (See 2 Pet. 2:18-20).

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