Belize Festival seeks laborers in harvest

Evangelist Daniel King

Evangelist Daniel King

NEWS UPDATE on Belize Festival. Daniel King is meeting with pastors in every district of Belize this week to prepare the way for revival meetings in July 2017. King has done this in India, Indonesia, Haiti, Honduras and other nations. In one India town, 15,000 Hindus prayed to receive Jesus for the first time. At the next stop his ministry got run out of town with threats to burn down his tent. Three years ago in Honduras, King Ministries held 18 crusades in 18 different departments in one day. The government actually declared the day a holiday for that purpose. He was also invited to every police station in the country. In some of the stations everyone in attendance received Christ as Lord. The following year the murder capital of the world, San Pedro Sula in Honduras, saw its murder rate cut in half. Now King is planning to hold a Belize Festival of Hope.

Why Belize now? Because God spoke not only to him but several of his team members about Belize. God confirmed that by speaking to several Belizean pastors too. It is time to reach the whole nation with outreaches. They will culminate in a Belize Festival of Hope in Belize City on July 22, 2017. This is such a massive campaign that the National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) and cooperating churches are already planning 15 months ahead of time.

Belize Festival

Daniel King in Belmopan

Every three months between now and July 2017 a team will come to help the preparations move to the next level. Three months before the Belize Festival a team will move here. The team will grow and split into six parts for Belize’s six districts. Two months before the event they will hold all-day training for 12 leaders in evangelism and discipleship. Two of those leaders will go back to each of the six district to train 100 evangelism teams of 5 members each on the next four Saturdays. 500 trainees!

Then 100 teams of 5 will go to each neighborhood and pass out flyers and gospel tracts. People in all districts will be invited to come to the Belize Festival of Hope in Belize City. This festival will feature drama, dance, puppets, games, Xtreme Sports, and food for the hungry. The 500 trainees will serve as ushers and also as counselors at the massive climactic crusade. For all who respond, the 500 will plan to hold 12 weeks of discipleship after the Belize Festival of Hope.

In Luke 10:1-4 Jesus told the Seventy to pray “to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Then He sent them! We are the answers to our prayers for God to move mightily in Belize. Ask Him what part He wants you to play in His move. Then volunteer, and start moving with Him and His body in Belize!

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DailyInsight. The church is waiting for God to move, but God is waiting for the church to move—Mike Evans (See Luke 10:1-4).

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15 months to culminate in Belize Festival of Hope.

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