Marijuana potency tricks blow kids away

Marijuana potency

A portable vaporizer

BC-HOP PRAYER on marijuana potency. Advocates of decriminalizing marijuana in Belize should check how marijuana potency has risen. Studies show marijuana today is generally 15-30 times stronger than in 1970.Yet Belize’s Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee (DOMC) wants to reduce penalties for marijuana possession to BZE $15 per gram for up to 10 grams. DOMC doesn’t take into account what people can do with 10 grams.

They can boost marijuana potency by a further 30%. They do this by extracting the THC, marijuana’s active chemical, with water. They vaporize the THC and put it in e-cigarettes. In one study in Connecticut nearly 20% of teens admit to using e-cigarettes to vape marijuana. The e-cigarettes hide the characteristic pot smell, making detection of pot users more difficult. But the effect on pot users is magnified. A single puff can deliver a knockout punch. Do we want to decriminalize something is now known to disrupt brain development? Adolescents are especially at risk since their brains are still forming. Instead of decriminalizing marijuana, we should more closely scrutinize its damaging effects.

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DailyInsight. Words repeated in faith persuade your mind to change. Acts repeated in faith persuade your habits to change. (See Gal. 5:16)

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Studies have shown that marijuana use impairs learning, memory and driving ability. It causes cancer and harms children of users. It is linked to psychological problems, especially depression. (See Wikipedia, Effects of cannabis, Long-term effects of can-nabis.)


Increase in marijuana potency can decrease mental ability.






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