Evangelical campaign to launch in Peten

Pastors Augusto Ligorria and Victor Garcia, Secretary and President for the Peten evangelicals.

Pastors Augusto Ligorria and Victor Garcia, Secretary and President for the Peten evangelicals.

PRAYER ALERT for evangelical campaign. Let us pray for the Evangelical Ministers’ Association of Peten, Guatemala. Tomorrow they will meet to launch a great April-September prayer and evangelism initiative. This evangelical campaign will be conducted by air, land and water. By air intercessors will fly over Peten, praying over this entire department in Guatemala. By land, churches will mobilize to reach their localities and environs. By water, this evangelical campaign will reach villages on Lake Peten Itza. Churches have been multiplying in Peten for the past forty years. But that is only the beginning of what God wants to do here.

evangelical campaign

Peten is the largest and northernmost department in Guatemala.

The 26 pastors in the association seek more to join this campaign. They have already been working together to reach the inmates in the only prison in Peten. Association President Victor Garcia shared their concerns about the 300 overcrowded prisoners, who are double the prison’s capacity for only 150. This is in sharp contrast with the vast and spacious department of Peten, with 26 people per square mile. Let’s pray that God will pour out His Spirit on the entire territory. That this evangelical campaign will reach the outermost habitations of Peten for Christ! And that Belize’s 15-month prayer and evangelism campaign, which also begins in April, will reap a great harvest too!

PRAY WITH US. Father God, we exalt You as Lord of the heavens and the earth. We thank You that You have given Jesus all authority in heaven and on earth. And He gave us authority to bring heaven to earth. So Jesus, lead us as we go to make disciples of these nations. Lead the leaders of Peten to break new ground. Lead them sow seed in good soil. Lead them to knock on doors and speak Your Word. Enter with them as doors and hearts open. Take over hearts. Take over households. Start house churches. Keep multiplying them. At the same time let them know they are one in You. In oneness with You, and agreement with each other, all things will be possible as Your kingdom comes to Peten.

Let Your Spirit move in great transforming power over Belize too. Your people are wounded. Only You can heal us. Your people are divided. Only You can unite us. Use this 15-month campaign to bring Your people together like never before. Help us and the Peten evangelicals to be models of reconciliation and right relations to our people groups and our nations, which are in deep conflict. Give us feet fitted to bring the gospel of peace. Mobilize teams of evangelists and disciple-makers to release a great revelation of Jesus Christ. Help us receive and share more of His revelation. Change us so we can never change back again. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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DailyInsight. God will release revival to the extent that we make time and room in our hearts for Him (See Acts 2:42-47).

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