7 days of prayer for peace with Guatemala

7 days of prayer

Peten and Belizean evangelicals met in Santa Elena, Guatemala on May 21st to arrange the May 28th meeting near the border.

PRAYER ALERT for 7 days of prayer. On Saturday our National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) called for 7 days of prayer about the border conflict with Guatemala. On the seventh day, May 28th , we will meet near the border with the Peten Evangelical Ministers’ Association. The Peten Department of Guatemala forms our entire western boundary, where clashes recently have led to a war of words. But our May 28th meeting is not for airing differences or grievances. We have agreed with the Peten evangelicals to be non-political and non-partisan.

This meeting is for unity, worship, prayer, and blessing each other. We will pray together with authority for a just resolution of the border conflict.  If you can’t come, please engage with us in our 7 days of prayer.

We must understand that many if not most people in Peten have been trained in school to think of Belize as belonging to Guatemala. We cannot expect their views to suddenly change due to a single meeting. And yet the more they get to know Belize and Belizeans, the more we think they will understand how we are a different country. At our meetings so far with the Peten evangelical leaders, we have not brought up the subject of why Belize maps draw the border where it is. And we will not bring it up on Saturday. But we do appreciate the fact that the Peten evangelicals acknowledge the NEAB as representing the evangelicals of Belize.

Our friendship with the Peten evangelicals has just begun, in a wonderful and divinely appointed way. They have a big vision for growth. They have just begun a Peten-wide 6 month evangelism campaign. It just so happens that at the same time there is a Belize-wide 15 month evangelism campaign in all six of our districts. We have much pray for and to learn from each other as we plan for great harvests. God has begun a good work in us. Let’s cooperate as He carries it to completion!

Here are prayer points for our 7 days of prayer, and our May 28th meeting. As we agree on these essentials with the Peten evangelicals, we believe God will eventually bring greater understanding in our areas of difference.

  • Bringing the larger body of Christ together for mutual prayer and cooperation for the maximum impact of the kingdom of God on our nations.
  • Promoting of worship, prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and missions.
  • Advocating of marriage and family as defined by God.
  • Promoting inclusion of all ethnic groups in the church.
  • Peace, goodwill, mutual respect, right relationships, and confidence-building.
  • Growing friendships between Belizeans and Guatemalans.

DailyInsight. The greater the unity of His church, the greater measures of power God will pour out on it (see Acts 2 & 4).

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7 days of prayer will multiply grace and peace.

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