Border communion & prayer unite 2 peoples

border communion

Guatemala & Belize evangelical leaders line up, embrace and lay hands on each other in prayer.

BELIZE JOURNAL on border communion. At the Belize-Guatemala border near Melchor on May 28, leaders of evangelical associations from both nations joined in a time of fervent prayer. Then we lined up facing each other. Guatemalan leaders stood on the west side and Belizean leaders on the east. One-on-one, we laid hands on each other across the divide, and prayed for and blessed one another and our two different nations. It was a powerful demonstration that we were “United in Christ”—as this gathering was called. And that through us God’s grace and peace transcends our borders.

Then all present engaged in a border communion. It united the two nations just where they were separated. Serving the bread, AMEP leader Enrique Soza Burelo said that just as the body of Christ was both of heaven and earth, so we now as His body on earth can partake of heavenly blessings. Serving the juice, NEAB leader Mike Evans said that Jesus’ blood was for both Guatemala and Belize. By His wounds we are healed. Communion affirms the everlasting covenant we have together in Christ. 

Afterwards, the Belize evangelical leaders gladly accepted an invitation to join a July 18-19 conference of Guatemalan evangelicals from all over that country. The conflict that the enemy meant for evil, God is working in wonderful ways to the good of both nations!

PRAY WITH US. Agree with us on the prayers offered up by the Peten, Guatemala leaders Julio Seguro, Gabriel Recinos, Misrain Fernandez, and Victor Garcia; and by the Belizean leaders Tomas Zetina, Enrique Novelo, Victor Hernandez and Chester Ritchie.

  • Intervene in this border conflict.
  • Cause violence and bloodshed to cease.
  • Forgive our sins and the sins of our fathers.
  • Help us forgive those who have sinned against us.
  • Lead us to love our neighbors as ourselves.
  • Give us the revivals we so desperately need.
  • Direct the 6-month Peten-wide evangelism campaign that started in April.
  • Direct the 15-month Belize-wide evangelism campaign—the Festival of Hope—that also started in April.
  • Raise up hundreds of evangelists who will make disciples who make disciples.
  • Restore family unity, family harmony and family values.
  • Multiply godly families and make them a light to a hurting world.
  • Help us resist media influences which the enemy wants to use to destroy us.
  • Release Your solutions to the border crisis we face.
  • Bring peace and harmony where there is conflict and strife between our countries.
  • Show us how to have right relationships of honor and respect.
  • Let those crossing the border bring good will to the other side.
  • Show us how to cooperate against our common enemies of drugs, gangs & crime.
  • Bless and prosper both nations abundantly.

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DailyInsight. Our only fight is to release the peace that He has already won (see Rom. 12:17-21).

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Border communion affirms our covenant together in Christ.

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