Gender identity disorder now called normal

gender identity disorderPRAYER ALERT on gender identity disorder. The official normalizing of sexual deviance was taken one step further when President Obama ordered all schools to open girls’ bathrooms to boys who claimed to feel like girls. The rationale is that the tiny percent (0.3) of transgender people in the population will feel more comfortable in the bathroom of their chosen gender. But the Obama order puts the vast majority at risk of attacks by deviants in the very places where they should expect the most privacy. Women and girls are the most vulnerable. This danger was demonstrated on the same day that Obama issued his decree. An 8-year-old girl was almost choked to death by a 33-year-old man in a women’s bathroom in a Chicago restaurant.

How did this insane policy begin? A transgender tendency—experienced when people strongly identify with the opposite sex—used to be called gender identity disorder. LGBT activists worked hard to have it reclassified. Now the American Psychiatric Association calls it “gender dysphoria.” Dysphoria is a matter of “emotional stress” not a gender identity disorder.

For example, APA now considers it normal for people to have their own healthy breasts or genitalia cut off if they are causing stress. Many child psychologists even approve of this gruesome practice being done to children who have feelings of stress about their biological sex. But they can’t easily get their missing parts back if their feelings change. And 70-80% of children with transgender feelings lose those feelings spontaneously without medical or surgical treatment.

Instead of changing body parts, why not help those feelings to change? We cannot expect that cutting off sexual organs will remove the stress. In fact, most transgenders who have a sex change operation eventually feel increasing emotional stress. And they are twenty times more likely to commit suicide than non-transgender people. They find it too difficult to live in denial of the sexual identity God gave them. With God’s help their sexual identity can be fully restored. Yet there is a move to outlaw the very counseling that cures sexual identity disorder.

If we continue to normalize disorder, disorder will become the norm. We must pray for massive deliverance from the massive deception that the transgender agenda is seeking to impose on the whole nation.

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PRAY WITH US: Father God, we humble ourselves before You. You took us from the dust. In Your image You made us. Male and female Your created us. There is no other sex than male or female. There is no other chromosome in every cell of a man but male, and no other chromosome in every cell of a woman but female. You saw that was very good. We declare that Your design for every man and every woman is very good. Your design for a man to leave his father and mother, and to unite with his wife, and to be fruitful and multiply, is very good.

We grieve that so many have violated that divine order, to their own harm and to the harm of others. We grieve that so many men have violated little children, and brought them shame and confusion and doubt and deception about their own sexual identities. We grieve over the 3 percent who feel they are homosexuals, and the 0.3 percent who feel they are transgender. We declare identities as false because they are not created by You. But now governments are declaring these identities as normal and true. They are declaring Your word as false and Your people as deviants from their abnormal norm and their disordered order. They call good evil and evil good, and approve of those who practice evil.

Deliver us from this evil. Expose the deception, the lies and the disorder. Exalt revelation, truth and divine order. Free the captives of this deception. Bring them out of darkness into Your wonderful light. Let testimonies of salvation resound from one end of the nation to the other. Drown out the voices of confusion. Let there be miraculous reversals of sex change operations and of LGBT indoctrinations. Bring down the idols of political correctness. Let there be a massive divine course correction into Your good will for every woman and man. Restore true sexual identities. And let those restored people be fruitful and multiply, for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DailyInsight: In the world today, being normal is becoming abnormal. Being abnormal is becoming normal (see 1 Cor. 1:19).

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Let’s not normalize gender identity disorder.

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