ISIS foreign recruits drop 87+ percent

ISIS foreign recruits

ISIS insurgents in Anbar Province, Iraq, last year.

PRAYER ALERT on ISIS foreign recruits. From Intercessors Prayer Ministry International.  The number of foreign recruits entering Iraq and Syria to join Islamic State fighters has plunged to a tiny fraction of those entering a year ago. This report’s source is US Maj. Gen. Peter Gersten, Deputy Commander for Operations and Intelligence for the U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS. He spoke to reporters via teleconference from Baghdad. Gersten told them that there were between 1,500 and 2,000 foreign fighters entering Iraq and Syria each month when he deployed to Baghdad in mid-2015. “We’ve been fighting this enemy for a year. Now our estimates are down to around 200 [per month],”said Gersten.

The coalition also has seen an increase in desertion rates by Islamic State fighters. ISIS has failed to pay its fighters, according to the general. “We’re seeing the inability to fight. We’re watching them try to leave Daesh (Islamic State). In every single way their morale is being broken,” he said.

ISIS foreign recruits themselves are being terrorized by the terror group. ISIS reportedly killed 45 of its own soldiers after they attempted to flee from a battle in Iraq. MailOnline shared that the 45 IS fighters are believed to have been locked inside forensic freezers, bringing about a slow and prolonged death. The victims were held inside the freezers for the entire day. Afterwards, their bodies were stretched alongside the sides of a road as a warning to surviving soldiers.

There have been several other reports of ISIS chiefs ordering the deaths of their own fighters. Some refused to fight. Others were caught trying to desert ISIS’ ranks. Those ranks are already thinned by the steep drop in ISIS foreign recruits. This has weakened the terror group as it continues its war for territory across Iraq and Syria.


  1. Thank God for the progress made in seeking to defeat ISIS.
  2. Pray that foreign fighters will stop joining ISIS. Also pray for increase desertion by ISIS fighters.

     3. Pray for the salvation of key ISIS leaders.

  1. Pray for the protection, strengthening, and growth of the Church in Iraq. Pray that it will recover from its devastating losses of members, lives and properties due to the ISIS invasion.

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DailyInsight. Any group which seeks to compel submission by force is not a faith or a religion. It is a military organization (See Mt. 26:52)

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Shrinking number of ISIS foreign recruits cripple terror group.

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