Israel military aid from US highest ever

Israel military aid

Israel Defense Force soldier puts on tefillin and prays.

PRAYER ALERT on Israel military aid. From Intercessors Prayer Ministry International. A White House official indicated on April 25 that the Obama administration was ready to offer new Israel military aid. It would be the largest military aid package offered to any country over the course of US history. It followed a push by a large majority of senators to increase foreign aid to Israel. A White House official told Reuters: “We are prepared to sign an MOU [memorandum of understanding] with Israel. It would constitute the largest single pledge of military assistance to any country in US history.” The US would increase military aid to Israel for the next 10 years, due to be renewed before 2018.

More than 80 of the 100 sitting US senators signed a letter calling on President Barack Obama to increase Israel military aid. They asked him to immediately sign an agreement on a new defense package. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is not one of the 83 signatories. 


  1. Thank God for the USA’s commitment to and support for Israel. Pray that the USA’s government will sign the Memorandum of Understanding giving increase military assistance and aid to Israel. Israel has been surrounded by enemies ever since it gained independence in 1948. But God promises that those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse her will be cursed. Since the rise of the influence of anti-Israel ISIS and also Iran, more and more Arab countries have seen Israel as a stabilizing force in the Middle East. Now at last the US has seen fit to increase that stabilizing force. Lord, let this Israel military aid be established defensively to increase peace and not war.
  2. Pray for the protection, peace, and prosperity of Israel.
  3. Pray for increase effectiveness in reaching Israel with the gospel. Lord let this physical blessing be a sign of great spiritual blessing to come. Bring its partial hardening to an end. Bring the appointed time for national salvation to come.

Read more on how Israel’s enemy ISIS is losing recruits as Israel is gaining aid…

DailyInsightThose blessings are best that are won with prayers and won with thanks. Thomas Goodwin (See Num. 6:22-27). 

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80 US Senators called for big boost in Israel military aid.

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