Transgender policy forced on schools by Obama

transgender policyPRAYER ALERT on transgender policy. A new transgender policy was imposed on the US on Friday the 13th. President Barack Obama ordered every school district in the nation to allow students to use bathrooms according to their “gender identity” instead of their biological sex. That means any boy who claims to feel like a girl can now expose himself and shower in the girls’ room. Obama threatened to pull funding from schools which did not comply.

His transgender policy met with a firestorm of criticism and defiance. In the first 24 hours, twelve states condemned the decree. Texas Governor Greg Abbott called it unconstitutional. He pointed out that only the legislative branch can make laws. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory upheld his own state legislature’s right to pass a law against such nonsense. The NC law simply affirms that people must use the bathroom of the sex on their birth certificates. But the US Department of Justice threatened to withhold federal funding as a result. So McCrory sued the federal government. Other states as well as school districts which want to keep their restrooms safe are considering doing the same. A movement is underway to impeach Obama for such gross overreach into these private places.

But impeaching Obama would make VP Joe Biden president. And Biden calls transgender rights “the civil rights issue of our time.” Many black activists have taken offense at Biden’s statement. They fired back that civil rights champions didn’t risk life and limb so that men could use the same bathroom as little girls. Why are so many top leftists, including Hillary Clinton, pushing this dangerous transgender policy?

David Kupelian answers this question in his book, The Snapping of the American Mind. What is the motive for a new transgender policy and for the LGBT agenda in general? Not because the left loves homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals for themselves. But because finally the left has found its spear-tip, with which…it can effectively attack, wound, marginalize, demonize and criminalize its greatest enemy: religion.” Kupelian cites dozens of conscientious Christians who have been persecuted and/or threatened with huge fines or jail time. For what? For exercising their freedom of religion by not cooperating with demands to support the LGBT agenda.

Politically correct politicians are in effect trying to demonize Christians and legitimize sexual deviance. What was once “gender identity disorder” is now called normal…

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DailyInsight: In the world today, being normal is becoming abnormal. Being abnormal is becoming normal (see 1 Cor. 1:19).

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Opposition grows to Obama’s transgender policy.

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