Brexit results —loss of trade or of life?

Brexit results

British PM David Cameron recently warned that a vote for Brexit could result in WW3 (photo from Flickr).

PRAYER ALERT on Brexit results. Recently British PM David Cameron warned that breaking away from the EU would not only lead to financial crisis. It would lead to WW3. But hasn’t a world war already begun? Jihadists in dozens of nations have declared war against the West. Thousands of them are entering EU and US borders. They are a growing enemy in the midst of those nations. Which Brexit results will be more costly? The loss of business due to restricted borders? Or the loss of lives, and ultimately sovereignty, because borders are open not only to legitimate refugees, but to sworn enemies? The recent Paris and Brussels attacks have shown that the war is on.

Polls show that the Brexit contest is evenly divided. Possibly due to the Orlando massacre by a jihadist, the “Leave” vote has recently gained a slight edge. Only a few days remain until June 23 when the Brexit contest will be decided.

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PRAY WITH US. Father God, You hold the nations in Your hands. It was You who made all nations from one man. You divided them when they were building a tower to heaven. You determined the exact times set for them. You assigned the borders in which they should live. The nations of Europe have opened their borders so they can make money together and not war. They have mostly forgotten the religion that once united them. They have left a spiritual void for the enemy to come in.

Now Islam is coming in like a flood from Muslim-dominated nations. Most in this flood are fleeing war and persecution. But many are bringing war and persecution to Europe’s doors. Give those nations wisdom on who to let in, who to prosecute, and who to send back. Make openings for Christ to come into their lives. Create safe havens for those who return, and for those who have not yet fled. Take ground that jihadists have taken, and resettle the refugees there. Show them their true enemy is Islam, and their true Savior is Jesus Christ. Restore the true faith to the many Middle Eastern regions where it is being lost.

Restore the true faith to Europe too. By next year’s 500th anniversary of the Reformation, let a new Reformation in Europe begin. Let it prevail over the EU, which the devil would like to use to support the Antichrist. We ask You not only to guide the Brexit results according to Your good will. We ask that there be a massive turning to the true Christ. For He is the true desire of the nations. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DailyInsight. Since God created everything, there is nothing beyond His power to fix or mend or restore. Anne Graham Lotz (See Col. 1:15-20).

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June 23 vote will yield Brexit results.

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