ISIS attacked in 3 key strongholds

ISIS attacked

Iraqi troops have stormed into Fallujah from the south in their quest to retake the city (Google map).

PRAYER ALERT on ISIS attacked. Pray for the 50,000 civilians still trapped by ISIS in Fallujah during the the two-week battle for this Iraqi city. They lack food, medical supplies and clean water. With ISIS attacked by Iraqi troops on all sides, ISIS has shot and killed dozens of civilians trying to flee Fallujah. They have also executed men and boys who refused to fight for them. In Mosul, they burned alive 19 Yazidi girls who refused to have sex with them.

ISIS-held Fallujah is key because it is only 40 miles from Baghdad. Iraqi troops finally stormed the southern edge of Fallujah and secured it on Sunday. They were aided by coalition warplanes which bombed ISIS command centers and tunnel networks two days earlier.

Recent days have also seen ISIS attacked in two key strongholds in Syria. Backed by Russian warplanes, the Syrian army entered the ISIS caliphate capital Raqqa for the first time in two years. Backed by US warplanes, Syrian opposition fighters surrounded the ISIS-held city of Manbij. Manbij is a strategic point in ISIS’ supply route from Turkey.

Over the past few months, the US has weakened ISIS by killing a string of top ISIS leaders. ISIS has further weakened itself savagely killing ISIS members suspected of revealing its leaders’ movements

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DailyInsight. If anyone seeks to deprive others of freedom by force, he should be deprived of freedom by force (See Rom. 13:4).

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Keyword: ISIS attacked.

ISIS attacked from Fallujah to Manbij.

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