Normalizing prostitution cheapens sex & family

Normalizing prostitution

Normalizing prostitution pulls women away from the babies they bear

BC-HOP Prayer on normalizing prostitution. New arguments for legalizing and normalizing prostitution have hit Belize airwaves. On May 31 Elisa Castellanos and Isabel McMillan of Tikkum Olam promoted this on Channel 5’s Open Your Eyes. They contend that normalizing prostitution would give women a new source of income without shame. It would lift prostitutes to the status of “decent and good citizens.” They could choose “sex work” for empowerment, and not out of desperation. They could go to hospitals, to the police and to court without stigma if abused in their trade. They could openly educate girls, boys and migrants about the human rights and advantages of sex workers.

In fact, they prefer the name “tricksters.” And tricks is exactly what they want to play on Belize. Because doing sexual favors for a price is already legal. But openly soliciting and pimping and operating brothels is not. Their campaign for normalizing prostitution is a direct attack to marriage and family. Prostitutes could openly solicit husbands without shame. Pimps could recruit sons and daughters at a young age. They could publicly mock virginity, parental guidance and marital faithfulness. They could publicly exalt adultery, promiscuity and selfish lust.

Sex would become a cheap thrill for the asking. Families would become targets of open solicitation. Husbands would face constant appeals by “decent and good” prostitutes. Wives would have to constantly compete with open and brazen rivals. Children would get less attention from parents, and more from predators. Our choice is between a great blessing and a terrible curse. Will our hearts turn toward our children, or toward Harlot Babylon?

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DailyInsight. Fire can be good when it stays in the fireplace. Sex can be good when it stays within marriage. (see Heb. 13:4).

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